Dreaming of Blackbeard

July 19, 2007

When time permits, and the boat is available…this is the place I love to be. Blackbeard Island, just an hours trip down the Julienton River, from Granny’s dock. Nothing quite compares to the feeling we get when we first step onshore. For those few hours, we feel like we own our very own island, and everything is made into a grand adventure. Giant conch shells become our treasure, and fishing is never as much fun, as it is here. If there was ever a place to clear your head and inspire creativity, this is it.

Blackbeard Island

3 Responses to “Dreaming of Blackbeard”

  1. Rachel Says:

    This is such a perfect description of Blackbeard! It makes me miss everyone

  2. […] the creek that separates Blackbeard from Sapelo Island, to a magnificent white sand beach.  (See this photo from a previous trip)  We spent a good hour or so of our day collecting sand dollars (long since […]

  3. […] Granny and I finally found some time to put the boat in the water.  Rather than venture out to our favorite haunt, Granny taught me to cast for shrimp.  (my kinda […]

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