Near Studio Disaster – Vayda’s Puppy Portrait

July 21, 2007

After several layers of oil wash, Vayda’s portrait is finally starting to emerge. It was near disaster two nights ago when…(for the first time ever)… I spilled my tub of oil wash….(a nice toxic blend of oil paint and mineral spirits) Due to the incline of my drafting table, I had to use my bare hands to keep the paint from spilling over onto the floor, all the while screaming for Nick to bring towels quickly. It was no big surprise that he was hooked up to the computer with his “ear muffs” on….(my nickname for his enormous sound-proof headphones) By the time my screams penetrated those annoying muffs, I was up to my elbows in mineral spirits, but by the grace of God, had not let any mess seep onto the floor. Despite all this mess, I’m happy with the direction of the portrait…provided I don’t encounter anymore disasters, I should have a finished product after the weekend.

Vayda Puppy Portrait

all artwork copyright Heather L. Young 2007

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