a little piece of inspiration

July 26, 2007

Tuesday marked my first private art lesson with an extremely talented, and determined young woman…I think I’ll refer to her as my “apprentice.”  Upon her arrival, her mother presented me with a lovely bottle of wine, and as I discovered later, this beautiful hand written note.


…so this all got me thinking about the “modern” world we live in now, and how so many of us have forgotten the joy of opening up a hand-written note, let alone, sending one via good old snail mail to a friend.  I’ve always kept a shoe box filled with old hand-written notes, a stockpile of endless inspiration, and memories of years gone by.  I remember vividly as a kid, checking the mailbox everyday to see if I had some unexpected special note or package.  I don’t know when that sense of excitement left me…(probably when e-cards were created)…but this little note with it’s organic penmanship and kind words, has inspired me to ink out my own, “just because” note, to someone that least expects it.

…updates on lessons with the Apprentice still to come.


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