myth about roosters

August 5, 2007

My grandmother has just taken on the position of innkeeper at a bed & breakfast…(way in the middle of nowhere…)  She enlisted my help to prepare the old carriage house for an antique market and to decorate the dining rooms.  (much more work than I thought it would be…but ever the adventure)  The house is over 100 years old, and sits on a beautiful piece of land in McIntosh County.  A nursery and hen house also call the property home, and a few pesky roosters that are constantly roaming the grounds.  One of these roosters is so affectionately named “Dog” by my Uncle George.  Simply because he “barks all the time.”  I guess I always thought roosters crowed at dawn…in fact they also crow after the sun comes up, around lunch time, after lunch time, around dinner, and then some….quite frankly “Dog” followed me around all day Saturday, and I’m pretty sure he never shut up.


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