it’s about time…

September 28, 2007

Mommy dearest has arrived in Savannah, and I’ve been racing the clock to finish my Skirt! Illustration so I can spend some time with her. Looks like I will finally get a day out on the boat, best of all, with Mom and Granny, and Uncle Captain George. I’m hoping the weather will be kind, and the sun bright…Would be a real treat to go to Blackbeard or St. Catherine’s Island. I love the remoteness of these locations, it seriously feels like we’ve been marooned even if Captain George is only a few hundred feet off-shore fishing. If you can scrounge up a captain and a boat, I highly recommend a trip out to undeveloped barrier islands…a real treat…


do you know this specimen?

September 27, 2007

I noticed these colorful little gems growing under my rubber plant the other day…they appeared and within a day grew to this size.  Just 24 hours later, they had shriveled up.  I would love to know what time of mushroom they are, please comment if you know…


This picture really does them no justice!  They were closer to cadmium yellow.

paint paint paint!

September 26, 2007

Oh I love to paint!  Finally made my way back into the studio…working on a Skirt! Illustration.  I procrastinated on this one…I must say, the ingredient this time, is not the most aesthetically pleasing to draw, so I’ve had to get pretty creative.  So far the process is looking good, and I’ve implemented a new element to this illustration so definitely check back to see the finished product!….I’m documenting the process, and after the November issue comes out, I’ll have a “walk through” of my acrylic and oil wash technique….(wish I could do it sooner, but I can’t “let the cat out of the bag” until it’s published….) Til then, check out my happy little palette…

artists palette

September 23, 2007

Five years ago, my best friend Leslie joined a bowling league and ruined our bi-annual bowling tournaments.  Not that either of us was that good at bowling, but it was simply tradition…when she came to Savannah, or I went to Chicago, one of the first things we did was hit up the bowling alley, and compete until our fingers were blistered, and we’d had too much beer to drive home…Call me bitter, but I hadn’t entered a bowling alley in nearly 5 years…until last night.   Nick and I ventured out to bowl with an old pal, Dawn….(who I might add, has a personality much like that of Leslie’s.)  I won’t tell you the scores, suffice to say she cleaned house…but I did bring home the following….

it’s all in the details

September 22, 2007

So I’m putting the finishing touches on the McIntosh Manor B&B site…still waiting for my client to supply me with some much needed photos, but forging ahead without them for the moment. If it comes down to it, I might just take the lack of photos as an opportunity to drive down there and take the pics myself…and enjoy some time in the country, of course! (Sometimes I crave the excuse that my cell phone has no signal.) Anywho…I love putting the “finishing touch” on any project. The most glorifying part of wrapping a present, is topping it off with a hand-made bow right? Gotta love the details.

Detail of Gate to Davenport House Garden, copyright Heather L. Young 2007

“little gift”

September 21, 2007

In recent weeks, I’ve noticed that my aunt and dear friend, Pam, has an incredible knack for predicting the future…(bare with me, I’ll explain)…she’ll think of a worst case scenario, tell me about it…and I swear, within a a year, it happens.  Take for instance my uncle’s 50th birthday party.  After she booked the location and paid the deposit, she called me worried sick that he might have a golf tournament that weekend…then she began to worry that Georgia Tech would have a football game on…and so on and so on….go figure, he not only had a golf tournament, he had the Club Championship Tournament that weekend, and Georgia Tech not only played that day, they kicked off during the hours of the surprise party….same thing happened a year ago when she was  pushing the idea that we needed a baby in the family…(thank GOD this prediction didn’t come my way)…but sure enough, she predicted a certain someone would end up “with child” and it’s happened.  (and no, it wasn’t planned)  Needless to say, I’m a little concerned with her ability to do this so effortlessly.

However, now that I am aware of her “little gift”…I thought I would give it a try for myself…and wrote a blog about my 5 year struggle to design a new logo…BAM! Last night it all came to me…logo design, website intro idea, the whole works…funny how the world works….now if Pam could just predict a lottery…