“little gift”

September 21, 2007

In recent weeks, I’ve noticed that my aunt and dear friend, Pam, has an incredible knack for predicting the future…(bare with me, I’ll explain)…she’ll think of a worst case scenario, tell me about it…and I swear, within a a year, it happens.  Take for instance my uncle’s 50th birthday party.  After she booked the location and paid the deposit, she called me worried sick that he might have a golf tournament that weekend…then she began to worry that Georgia Tech would have a football game on…and so on and so on….go figure, he not only had a golf tournament, he had the Club Championship Tournament that weekend, and Georgia Tech not only played that day, they kicked off during the hours of the surprise party….same thing happened a year ago when she was  pushing the idea that we needed a baby in the family…(thank GOD this prediction didn’t come my way)…but sure enough, she predicted a certain someone would end up “with child” and it’s happened.  (and no, it wasn’t planned)  Needless to say, I’m a little concerned with her ability to do this so effortlessly.

However, now that I am aware of her “little gift”…I thought I would give it a try for myself…and wrote a blog about my 5 year struggle to design a new logo…BAM! Last night it all came to me…logo design, website intro idea, the whole works…funny how the world works….now if Pam could just predict a lottery…


3 Responses to ““little gift””

  1. Pam Says:

    I have a stack of fortune cookie numbers and if I would get off my butt and play them there is a chance for the lottery.. Maybe you’ve inspired me to do that this weekend. I can tell you the first thing we will do Heather is QUIT OUR JOBS!! If I win millions we will all be debt free..Then the whole family will go on a fabulous vacation..after we meet with a financial advisor first..Nick and I will go into business together..So here you go.. I will head to the covenience store with my lucky numbers…

  2. AJ Says:

    Hey Aunt Pam….remember that we are still sort of related….via our mutual neice, Heather, when your fortune cookie dreams come true!! I am about due for a fabulous vacation!!!

    Heather, I’m really enjoying your blog. Please keep it going. I visit every day.

    Uncle Richard isn’t REALLY 50 is he? That would make me about……..

  3. Oh I feel so loved to have loyal readers 🙂 I’m down for a lottery win…I’d contribute to a ticket or two if I didn’t have such bad luck…lol!

    Love you both mucho!

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