in hopes of a new lifestyle…

October 3, 2007

After attending the Business Expo…(a shark tank at it’s finest)…I received a call, that I had won a series of treatments that will help me quit the cancer sticks, reduce stress, and lose weight…hmmm….considering I never win anything of real value, I took this as a sign I need to improve on my current lifestyle…the other “sign” came when my Mother arrived in town, and her first words….”wow you’ve got a bit of a belly”…followed by “at least no one can say you look anorexic anymore”…hmmm…got me thinking I really do need to start taking better care of myself….I’ve finally made the switch to diet soda…and bought the “light” mayo at the grocery last night…I’d also like to apologize in advance to anyone who may come in contact with me while I’m craving fatty food, and nicotine.

A portrait of my future diet…


Published in Skirt! Magazine, copyright 2007 Heather L. Young

2 Responses to “in hopes of a new lifestyle…”

  1. rhibowman Says:

    It is all about reframing.

    A couple of years ago I worked hard and lost 95 pounds. Then I met my husband, who had also lost a lot of weight, 65 pounds, and we both fell right off the good-diet-and-fitness-plan wagon. Then our birthdays, which are a month apart, came around and we declared the time in between The Month of Cake!

    And, not surprisingly, our size-trend reversed.

    Today we’re happy because we eat well and exercise as much as we can. We talk about what worked for us and what doesn’t. We are constantly reframing.

    In the end, we realize, good health is the goal, not a svelt bod. (Though I’d still love to be sizzlin’ sexy.)

    Love your fish painting. LOVE love it.

    Rhi B.

  2. Thanks Rhi! It’s been nearly 9 months since I quit smoking…and I feel great! (i did pick up a few pounds too…but the dog has gained with me…so I don’t feel so bad…lol!

    Thanks for the words of encouragement..and 95 lbs! that took some serious determination! you go girl!


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