44 hours….

October 8, 2007

44 hours since my last puff…(who knew this blog would turn into the diary of a quitter…) Anywho, thanks to all of you who have helped me through this…I must say, day one after the treatment, was the worst…yesterday, I woke up feeling superb…great night’s rest, energetic, and a super sensitive nose…I kept myself busy so as not to think about it, but no real cravings, just the habit of having one in various situations…I find it hard to sit on my usual spot on the couch, or on the computer for too long…but this too shall pass.  The real testament will be going to the workplace today.  Second-hand temptation will be all around me…but tomorrow I go in for another treatment, so hopefully that will end the urge…In brighter news, my grandmother…(who has quit a million times and started back) has decided to quit with me…

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