imagine what the painting would look like….?

October 10, 2007

Since the “treatment” I have been sleeping much more soundly. Last night was filled with a series of bizarre dreams, some of which make absolutely no sense at all. (then again, do dreams ever make sense?) I used to have a friend whose parents were dream analysts, but we’ve long since lost touch. So I’m open to interpretation…below is the list of briefs I can recall…

  • A collapsed bridge
  • Swimming in the Savannah River….(YUCK)
  • 2 white dolphins…also in the Savannah River (poor things)
  • I made brownie cupcakes for Bekah’s birthday (her birthday is in May, and we all know I don’t bake?)
  • Went to McIntosh Lake, reunited with family I haven’t spoken to in years, and met the “new baby”….(there’s no “new” baby, nor is there one on the way)
  • Viewed a video tape of Mom and I cruising down the Sapelo River, and pictures we had taken with flora and fauna.
  • Swarms of dogs all over the place
  • ….the end

2 Responses to “imagine what the painting would look like….?”

  1. Bekah Says:

    Aww…you made me a birthday cupcakes? How sweet! =) It is probably because I told you not to make food your new habit. Thanks anyway! love you my dear!

  2. AJ Says:

    Bridge – please avoid them for awhile.

    McIntosh Lake — are you on the “ins” or “outs” with the owners? I can’t keep up! Steph told me they are adopting a baby….perhaps you knew about this??

    Dogs….thats an easy one. Too much time at the river with the grandma.

    Was there anything “special” in the “brownies”? Definitely don’t make “brownies” your new habit.

    Love you!!

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