and then came monday…

October 16, 2007

Monday…oh Monday…what a day Monday was…Here I was beaming from ear to ear, more than content with life after my little siesta…(see entry below) and then came Monday.

It started on my daily walk/jog with Ms. Vayda. After quite a sprint, we were accosted by a stray pit bull. Thankfully, Vayda’s “little dog syndrome” did not kick in, as this massive pup could have inflicted some serious pain on both of us. I probably would not have feared this stray had I been alone…but rather than risk my 24 pound pup instigating a fight, I scooped her up and carried her all the way home.

Monday continued, as I went to meet The Apprentice at the Jepson Center. Sadly, I had to cancel the lesson, as my car refused to start. After disassembling and reassembling, and going back and forth and back and forth to various auto shops…appears the problem stands in my alternator. I’m sure I’ll hear the final damage at some point today…(Tuesday.)

Oh and a scratching…scratching at my attic door! Some sort of critter has invaded this place…(I’m leaving this one to Nick)…