it must be genetic…

October 21, 2007

I think I’m slowly turning into my father…used to be my internal clock had me up pronto at 7:30am…yet for the past 5 days, I’ve been up (on average) at 6am.  Sad thing is, I’m still going to bed at the same time…roughly midnight.  Yep, it must be genetic.  Also seems, I can rest my head on the couch, slip into a complete dream state, and drool on the pillow…(all within 20 minutes…)   The good news about all this, is the tranquility this time of day provides.  It allows my creativity to flourish, and I’ve finally made some progress on “logo madness.”  Images to follow shortly…suffice to say, it’s all been hammered out, just playing around with colors for the moment.

Let’s see if Dad aka Big Al, actually reads my blog…



6 Responses to “it must be genetic…”

  1. AJ Says:

    You are so funny! Just wait till you can’t make it past 4am, because your tired, weak, old bladder can’t make it a minute longer!! Tell Dad I said hi. I’d love to see him sometime. We may be living just down the interstate from him soon — t.b.a this Friday!!

    Aunt Jessica

  2. SHUT UP!!!! that would be super fabulous! do keep me posted on that 🙂 Dad would love to see you too…you should swing by on turkey day if you can manage…h

  3. Dad Says:


    You are a beter artist than I thought! That photo seems to be retouched…..I never sleep on the sofa and by the fabric I see that photo must be a few years old…HUUUM I also had more hair then than now 😦

    Love You!

    I really like the site.

  4. Yes, this one is probably around 3 years old…but I couldn’t resist 🙂 Thanks for finally showing my blog some love 🙂

  5. broseph Says:

    thats way more than 3 years ago… just thought you should know. i guess your just getting older and losing your memory.

    the new logo is awsome by the way

  6. yeah yeah…you’re not that far behind me! thanks for showing some love to my blog, and glad you like the new’s a big change…by the way, if you go back far enough on my entries…(maybe under family soap)…there’s an image of you surfing…hugs~ h

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