October 26, 2007

It’s all coming together…my marathon website overhaul, though timely and tedious, has gone smoothly…and I think my body has finally decided not to fight the sleep deprivation…(becoming more and more like Dad everyday…)

I’ve begun sorting through old work and deciding what will “stay” and what will “go” when I’m through with this little endeavor…and in the process, I came across images of the first mural I ever painted.  I was around 16 years old, and my neighbor paid me $50 to tackle a wall in her nursery (I made more money working at GapKids, but it didn’t matter…I had a wall to paint)  I spent the whole summer on this little endeavor, it consumed my life.  I didn’t have a clue as to what I doing…just paint as you go, and fill in negative space.

This was a turning point in my life…my Father will tell you it was around this time that I came and sat on their bed, and told he and my step-mother, exactly the direction I wanted to go in my life.  I wanted to go to art school…but not just any art school, I wanted SCAD…and I wanted to be an illustrator, and an art teacher.   I presented them with a DREAM, and they selflessly made it possible every step of the way.

In all, I am truly blessed to have had people believe in me…it took a lot of faith for my neighbors to allow me to paint that wall all those years ago…and it took an incredible amount of love from my parents to allow me to live my dream.

and now for the sake of nostalgia…


a little fuzzy…back then we had slides, not digital files…lol!


Thank God, I got some formal training in Color Theory!