on to ink…

November 29, 2007

Christmas is upon us….and while I’m a tad bit sad that my Southside Shellfish project is coming to an end, there’s a part of me that thoroughly enjoys juggling 5 projects in my studio at once.  The popular medium of choice seems to be pen & ink, but I also have a few pet portraits to knock out before the big day.  (If you would like to commission work for the Christmas Season, be sure to contact me as soon as possible to get on the list…) 

Check out this lovely log cabin in North Carolina…I’ll move to ink it soon, but I love the rustic quality of pencil on paper, smudge-marks and all, it just seems appropriate for this old home.


All artwork copyright Heather L. Young 2007

Woe is Vayda

November 28, 2007

A broken dew claw put us in this mess.  After chewing through two layers of duct tape, we had to put a sock over the bandage…at which point she gave up chewing.  Although she can walk just fine on all four (with bandage), occasionally she treats us to a show,  hobbling around on 3 legs for a “pity treat.”


All artwork Copyright Heather L. Young 2007

FLY (by night) Studio

November 28, 2007

I spent some time over Thanksgiving in McIntosh County pondering the acquisition of nicknames. Catfish, River, Barefoot John, and Redheaded Sue were all brought up in casual conversation with my Granny Saundra Kay. It got me thinking how just recently I was asked to pick a nickname for myself…I couldn’t seem to come up with one, and I suppose you don’t have to when you already have a few. My friends at Southside Shellfish are affectionately referring to me as “Heather B. Young”…(note that my real middle initial is “L”) and “Fly-by night-Studios.

See below for an update on the Southside Shellfish project…mahipaint2.jpg

Love my grande mahi!



All artwork copyright Heather L. Young 2007


November 26, 2007

I think I consumed too much turkey and pie this week, because my brain has apparently “checked out”…I went to grab my camera this morning…(to show you this great addition to my latest mural…)…and GONE!  Figures I would leave it in my brother’s truck, and not realize it until I wanted it…aside from the great picture I would have taken, I also have several pictures on there that can’t be lost…so I hesitate to put it in the mail…GRRRR!!!! Not the way I wanted to start my week…

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 22, 2007

I, personally, am so grateful to have such an interesting family…(the product of a divorce, mine is quite extended)…I had dinner last night with nine on my mother’s side, an eclectic bunch indeed…I wish I’d had my sketchbook to capture dinner with all it’s dramatics…Today, I’ll reconnect with my father’s bunch, and staunchly boycott dish duty after the feast…last year it took aprox. 55 minutes and 3 pairs of hands (female of course), this was done “the old fashioned way” without a dishwasher…(I don’t hail from that generation, and my freshly painted, rock star nails won’t appreciate the rigorous routine.) Anywho, a special thanks to my family, just for being you…and I hope you all have safe travels back home.

it’s like candy…

November 21, 2007

So I just ordered some Nova Paints all the way from their maker in CA…(sadly, our local supplier wants to rape us on cost…)  and frankly, I’ve never worked with a more brilliant cadmium yellow light than the Nova brand, so it was well worth the wait on delivery.  The best part about this little adventure…they included this lovely swatch sheet, with actual swatches of the real colors on there…(not some label that defiantly proclaims “actual colors may differ”)…


(even Nick was impressed by this one…)

where have i been…?

November 20, 2007

Trapped in my studio…revamping the whole room.  It all started when I could no longer walk in there to see those wretched blinds…I HAD to have curtains…(especially considering I’ve had a few people actually want to stop by and view my work space…)  Now most people have this misconception, that because I paint murals, my own abode must be decked out to the nines…NOT TRUE…In fact, I spend so much time on commissions, that I hardly have  time to hang paintings on my walls.  So I finally took some time…(and I apologize to those loyal readers who missed my blog…)  made some curtains, and a table cloth…recovered my bulletin board to match my new curtains, and gave Pinkie and Blue Boy a new home.   Oh and spent a considerable amount of time hauling things up to the attic.





a note on ethics…

November 15, 2007

I am by no means a lawyer, but I do happen to know a thing or two about copyright laws, my basic rights as an artist/designer, and professional ethics.   A few things to note:

“Current copyright law automatically “protects” original artwork from the moment it is created, even without a copyright notice.” Graphic Artists Guild  (always put the little ” © ” on your work…)

“The test of an infringement is whether an ordinary person would say that one work is copied from the other; the copying need not be exact.” Graphic Artists Guild 

With modern day technology making it easier and easier to obtain imagery, it is important as an artist, that you know your rights, and inform others when they have infringed upon them.  No this does not mean I would sue your pants off if you unknowingly violated my copyright…but I would let you know you had infringed upon my copyright, and ask that you either financially compensate me for the use of my image, or discontinue using it.  (artists have to eat too…)

If you are a fellow artist/designer/illustrator, make yourself familiar with the Graphic Artist’s Guild.  If you don’t care to join, it pays to at least buy a copy of their sourcebook.  It offers easy to understand guidelines on a variety of topics, one of which is copyright law.

So there!  Oh and all artwork on this site is  © 2007 Heather L. Young

You MUST check out this mosaic tile house.  How fun would it be to live there…?  Imagine if I plastered a whole wall in my house with rhinestones…Elvis would be jealous…Call me Bek’s I’m feeling the need to get crafty…

This topic was brought to light this weekend, and I’m just going to put the idea out there…(especially for all you spring chickens out there, that take for granted the women that fought long and hard for you to be you)…Feminist is not a 4-letter word.  Believing that equal rights for both sexes and the same pay for the same job, does not magically turn a woman into a man-hater.  Believing that the “woman’s place” is in the home…is ridiculous, women can carve a place out of anything they want.  The idea that you will never find a man because you can’t cook a four course meal, is dated.  I can’t cook for the life of me…and I happened to find a man so picky that it wouldn’t matter if I knew how to cook, he probably wouldn’t eat it anyway…

So fellow feminists (not man-haters) out there…answer me this, if a man took it upon himself to question your performance, or knowledge about your trade…(repeatedly) would you not be offended?  I was…I don’t like to be underestimated by anyone…(male or female)  and I would have never questioned his professionalism in his line of work.

Although I didn’t pose the question to Danica this weekend, I’m sure she’s had to “prove herself” in her line of work…her whole life.   I encourage all young girls to find a role model…(not a Paris, Britney, Lindsey…) but maybe one of these to get you started…