mona has a new home…

November 1, 2007

I had to replace her hanging spot with some new shelving…(studio mess finally warranted some more storage…)  but I missed seeing her blushing face, first thing, when I walked into my studio…so here she is…almost looks like I built a little shrine for her…it was intentional to place the paper rose, also cleverly crafted by Dana Jo, next to her portrait.


Some months ago, I picked up some vintage Pinky and Blue Boy prints…(thanks Cima!)  Now I must find a clever home for them…there is something so bewitching in Pinky’s eyes, I might just pin her right above my drafting table.


as for the other two pictures…not quite sure what it is I see in them…they need a home too…oh and please disregard my vamp-ish toe-nail color.  (I don’t know what I was thinking with that one…)

2 Responses to “mona has a new home…”

  1. Lid Says:

    Howdy – just checking whether comments are working here – not fair – still not working for me :-/

  2. Thanks for checking! They are in fact working for me now…I emailed support and they said it might just be a glitch? If you want me to test yours, just let me know!

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