as promised…

November 6, 2007

a glimpse into my acrylic and oil wash technique.  Of course, every illustration starts with a series of sketches, then color comps…(ask Nick and he’ll tell you I’ve turned choosing colors into a science)…but I won’t bore you with all that…suffice to say, painting is a process…

This is my preferred method of painting, as it involves a subtractive technique…the illustration below is featured in the current issue of Skirt Magazine.

step 1 ~ acrylic on illustration board…patterned paper underneath…


step 2 ~ more acrylic underpainting


step 3 ~ adding and subtracting oil wash


step 4 ~ layering and layering…until I’m satisfied….


add some finishing touches and she’s ready for print…


Sweet potato illustration.  Copyright Heather L. Young 2007

4 Responses to “as promised…”

  1. […] is just a teaser, I know…but I’m only on layer 2, so you’ll just have to revisit this little blog in the coming weeks to see the completed […]

  2. Erin Rehil Says:

    What fun paintings! I came across this blog while googling “oil wash” and hey, do I know you from SCAD by any chance?

  3. […] smell of oil paint and mineral spirits!  Want to know more about my process?  CLICK! Posted by flyoungstudio Filed in Art, Illustration, Painting, People Portraits Tags: […]

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