a note on ethics…

November 15, 2007

I am by no means a lawyer, but I do happen to know a thing or two about copyright laws, my basic rights as an artist/designer, and professional ethics.   A few things to note:

“Current copyright law automatically “protects” original artwork from the moment it is created, even without a copyright notice.” Graphic Artists Guild  (always put the little ” © ” on your work…)

“The test of an infringement is whether an ordinary person would say that one work is copied from the other; the copying need not be exact.” Graphic Artists Guild 

With modern day technology making it easier and easier to obtain imagery, it is important as an artist, that you know your rights, and inform others when they have infringed upon them.  No this does not mean I would sue your pants off if you unknowingly violated my copyright…but I would let you know you had infringed upon my copyright, and ask that you either financially compensate me for the use of my image, or discontinue using it.  (artists have to eat too…)

If you are a fellow artist/designer/illustrator, make yourself familiar with the Graphic Artist’s Guild.  If you don’t care to join, it pays to at least buy a copy of their sourcebook.  It offers easy to understand guidelines on a variety of topics, one of which is copyright law.

So there!  Oh and all artwork on this site is  © 2007 Heather L. Young