ode to magic rub…

December 12, 2007

I love LOVE love love LOVE…could not live without…Magic Rub Erasers. I usually have a grand stash hidden away from Nick, although recently I’ve found it hard to buy them by the box locally…(you can imagine the looks I get from clerks when I walk up to the counter with 15 erasers…) Or the time I ran out of Magic Rubs while visiting my folks in Fernandina Beach…egads! My brother’s girlfriend, Jasmine, took me all over that island looking for a magic rub…(most times I’m cheap enough to try an “off” brand…but spare no expense when it comes to these supple little gems.) I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever even found an eraser that comes close…behind every acrylic/oil wash illustration, there is at least one Magic Rub…If you’re a Magic Rub maker and you read this blog, I’ll take any misfits that come off your line..(if I had a giant box of a 1000 I’d use them for potpourri…that’s just how much I love your product….)