a few savannah inks…

December 30, 2007

These were part of the Christmas rush.  I love the unique architectural details of historic Savannah homes…


107 E. Oglethorpe Avenue, copyright 2007 Heather L. Young


124 W. Gaston St., copyright 2007 Heather L. Young

4 Responses to “a few savannah inks…”

  1. herbstblatt Says:

    These inks are marvelous! I’ve been painting such as well but I only copied from other artists. Did you take some photos and then paint in the studio or were you sitting there drawing? By the way, I really like that kind of houses, these are very romantic.

  2. I usually take photos and then bring them back to my studio…however, during the summer, one of my favorite things to do is go sit in the parks of Savannah and draw people, houses, etc…Thanks for your interest in my work, and I’d love to see some of yours 🙂

  3. herbstblatt Says:

    Ok, no problem. There’s just one thing: I have to look for them first somewhere in the attic, then I’m certainly gonna upload one to my blog (http://herbstblatt.wordpress.com) once. I’ll keep you updated 😉

  4. no worries if it’s too much trouble, but do keep me posted if you fish them out…nice blog by the way, i’ll look forward to reading it 🙂

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