a little nostalgia…

January 13, 2008

here’s me…circa 1985 (ish)…


here’s one of my old “worksheets” from my early school days at St. James Catholic School…(yes, I was born in Savannah…lived here til the second grade…then returned in 1999 to attend SCAD…blah blah blah…)…take a close look at this…


notice anything funny?  taken with my celly camera…not the best quality…but look again…now you see it!  That expertly colored GUN in the picture!  and what are those things next to it?  Plungers!?!?!? Can you imagine the outcry if this worksheet was distributed in today’s society?  Anywho…I couldn’t resist posting this little gem.


8 Responses to “a little nostalgia…”

  1. Bekah Says:

    How cute are you?!
    And that is hilarious! I cannot even imagine what would happen if one of us tried to give out a worksheet with a gun on it!!!

  2. Aunt Jessica Says:

    Heather, that has always been my all time favorite picture of you. I have the same one. Thanks for posting it!!!

    Love you,

  3. lol! I wish I knew the exact year…but it looks like I’m in a uniform of sorts…so I figured Kindergarten or 1st grade…?

  4. Aunt Jessica Says:

    Not a uniform. It was a cute little blouse and I am pretty sure you had little red pants with it. I am thinking more like 2 or 3. It was on Habersham street in front of our old house.

  5. fotokew Says:

    too cute for words! this is great!

  6. oh I wish I had the full image with the red pants! Granny gave me these not too long ago…but the gun pic hails from bj’s house.

  7. Pat Says:

    I couldn’t believe that the picture was you. I thought it looked more like your Aunt Kimberly at that age. I have lots of pictures of you but I don’t ever remember that one.

  8. Yes…Aunt Jess said I had little red pants on with that shirt…too much! Thanks for checking out my blog! Love you mucho!

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