works in progress…

January 29, 2008

I’ve been locked in my studio for the past several days…2 paintings, 3 pen & inks, and a zillion postcard promotional mailers to get in and out the door…needless to say, my eggs are in a few too many baskets…but special thanks to Nick for making me a new playlist for my ipod…(I still don’t know how to use that thing…but thankfully he knows my taste in music)  here’s the update on Tori’s portrait…I’m waiting for it to “speak” to me…until then, I’m not touching it for fear I might ruin it…thoughts?

“The World is Her Oyster”  pre-subtractive technique…


post subtractive technique….


copyright 2008 Heather L. Young

Paula if you’re peeking…. I hope you like!

6 Responses to “works in progress…”

  1. fotokew Says:

    i love this! what a great use of this technique.

  2. thanks a million! i’m not sure whether I’m going to keep working it or leave it be…might decide to add a little color…

  3. pgwilliamson Says:

    I love the depth of the post subtractive technique. I had to peek… Love love love LOVE it!!

  4. Soooooo glad you like the direction I went in Paula…still pondering some things, but I’ll keep you posted…

  5. […] P.S. The top row features a painting inspired by my Granny J…I attempted to paint it once…and it didn’t turn out, but I think I will approach it again, as it goes nicely with “The World is Her Oyster” […]

  6. […] with the rich blue, monochromatic, focal-shifting, composition, that I was scared to add color. (click! to see previous version) Yet something about it just screamed “incomplete.”  I would hide it out of sight for a […]

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