1000 visitors…!!!

January 31, 2008

Okay…so it’ s the last day of the month, and I’ve been working hard to drive traffic to my site since the start of the new year…I currently need 47 more visitors to my site to reach my goal of a 1000…so take a peek, tour around, and maybe just maybe,  you’ll find something that you just have to have…a portrait of your pet, a pen & ink of your home, a mural in your daughter’s room?  As always, I welcome your questions, comments, and critiques…and special thanks to all of you who have already paid the site a visit this month…hugs~  h

2 Responses to “1000 visitors…!!!”

  1. Miki Says:

    Hi Heather1 I have visited your website and would have loved to be the 1000th, but I guess I got up too early this morning… I will try to be the 10000th then!
    Hugs from another artist and good luck!

  2. Thanks so much for your support of my work! I’ll look forward to seeing some of yours 🙂 Best~ h

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