Seems old Phil predicts the worst….I’m ready to see some green on this tree


and Vayda’s not happy about it either…


*****UPDATE*****   Turns out Puxatawney (how you spell that is beyond me…) was the only bad groundhog this year.  Our dear General Beauregard Lee, a native of good old Georgia, did not…I repeat…did not see his shadow!  Thanks Beauregard, sorry to have paid so much attention to that little hog up in PA.

do you know…

February 2, 2008

where this little guy hales from?  He’s pretty much the mascot of a local (Savannah) business.  Just thought it’d be fun to see if anyone recognized the work…so comment if you have any ideas…keep in mind this is a work in progress…(should have been finished with this little sampling well over a week ago but in a moment of desperation I used Stand Oil instead of Liquin…and it’s still drying…GRRRR!)


work in progress…