today i give to you…

February 14, 2008

THE official Vayda-Valentine! I got some crafty time in with Bekah on Sunday, and decided to do some good old fashioned print-making. It was quite therapeutic to carve my little block…and while I could have laced them with all sorts of “extra” Valentine’s Day adornments…I liked the “ruff” quality and uniqueness of each hand-pulled print. Hope you all have tons of love this Valentine’s Day!  Hugs from me and my rotten dog.




copyright 2008 Heather L. Young

5 Responses to “today i give to you…”

  1. riotflower Says:

    That is a great print- I love the heart nose. What lucky recipients!

  2. thanks a million…i hope to get more print-making into my schedule soon…fun stuff..

  3. […] more work…I think this image would be killer as a block print…(the same process as the Vayda-Valentine…) Posted by flyoungstudio Filed in Art, Illustration, Studio, family soap Tags: akita […]

  4. […] 19, 2008 in all this mess and art house madness, what has become of my pride and joy, Vayda?  She’s a spiteful one, and I’m not exactly her favorite person as of late…but […]

  5. […] St. Valentine’s Day to you all!  This year I didn’t have time to illustrate a “Vayda-tine” but I did manage whip out the old x-acto and some scrap paper. Please take no offense, should you […]

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