balance…can virgos achieve that?

February 20, 2008

A few weeks ago my father paid a visit, and something he said just stuck with me…”you’ve got to have balance”…this of course, was after he heard the debate Nick and I had been having over the house. According to Nick…(and he is absolutely right…) I get on a train of thought, or all focused on an art project and my tunnel vision allows me to neglect things like…keeping up the house…or spending time with my friends…etc.

So I’ve been on this quest for balance…last week I had art camp with Bekah and killed two birds with one stone…art for fun and not for work, and spending time with a friend who I hadn’t seen since before Christmas…(this said, she lives less than a mile away from me…)

I’ve scheduled a night out with Cima…haven’t had one of those in an eternity…and this weekend is Granny’s birthday…so what better excuse to escape to the River for a few days…

But back to balance…how then do I fit in 5 pen & inks…design a mural for a nursery…2 logo designs…and launch my new product?…(which by the way, is a new line of canvas prints of my work…22 total…and I’m soooo excited about it hitting the market, I can’t sleep at night)…seems to me, it would make more sense to lock myself in my studio and chip away at this list before I ventured out to the River for family time…or over to Bekah’s for art camp. Balance Balance Balance.

Spoke with my father again last night, and told him about this quest of mine…and he replied…”after all, you are a virgo”…does that mean I’m doomed to never find this thing called balance? I’m open to suggestions…and while you’re pondering some brilliant advice…(and I’m all ears)…here’s an updated Akita Rescue logo…


Even though it would be a little more work…I think this image would be killer as a block print…(the same process as the Vayda-Valentine…)

5 Responses to “balance…can virgos achieve that?”

  1. Lori Wostl Says:

    Sigh – I’m Sagittarius with Virgo rising. If you saw my desk (in the business office) you would be able to tell. I have folders out for bill paying with a drawer of colored pencils sitting on top with a plant book open to help with a sketch of a plant I saw Sunday…OMG. We’re doomed.

    After reading through from the valentine post through the Akita logo – I vote for the wood cut…the logo and the valentine are really amazing, together you have an award winning logo.

    Just stumbled on your blog this morning and have been sneaking reads through out my morning. Thanks I love it.

  2. Aunt Jess Says:

    Welcome to the world of all grown-up and working and no time for the rest of the stuff thats really important. My problem isn’t tunnel vision….its having 6 or 8 tunnels going at once and never zeroing in on one thing. Maybe a Sagittarius trait?? And “debating”…is that what its called these days? I have tell Michael we’re debating!!

    Love your new logo & Love You Too!!


  3. thank you both for your support…good to know i’m not alone…i’m thinking of painting a self-portrait with me wearing many many hats…(that is if I can chip away at the current block enough to paint something for me…lol!) oh the madness!

  4. savannahbest Says:

    Of course, we all need some balance in our lives, at least sometimes.
    But keep in mind, that most of the great artists (painters, composers, musicians, ballerinas, writers) throughout history have been pretty tunnel visioned throughout most of their lives.

  5. good to know…and i did did manage to get a little more “centered” this weekend…

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