a swell night…

March 27, 2008

An invite, for a small group of women to share, learn and enjoy eachother’s company. All while celebrating the time we’ve had with Libby, a dedicated artist, quilter, grandmother, and friend.


Gricell was gracious enough to orchestrate this event, and boy does she know how to entertain. I believe Martha Stewart would have shed a tear of joy to have seen this spread.


We shared tips on tying scarves and piecing quilts.


Gricell modeled the glorious totes that she and Libby have been working on…(they’ll be available for purchase online shortly ladies…I’ll keep you posted!)


Lastly, we were treated to a heavenly dinner by Chef Diego.


Chef Diego specializes in Italian cuisine, and will gladly share his tips for food preparation with you…except for his award winning recipe for Tiramisu. Last night, he prepared the best Eggplant Parmesan I’ve ever consumed…(sorry Granny J…you’ve been bumped from the number 1 spot) In addition, we feasted on pasta with zucchini and veal scaloppine with mushrooms in a white wine sauce….oh it was heaven indeed.


hungry yet?

Thank you ladies for a truly spectacular night!  I wish you all the best in your creative endeavors, and hope our paths will meet again.

So my week has pretty much been turned over to doctors…nothing serious…(at least I hope not)…but some unexpected…and if you know me well, or have spent considerable time on this blog…you know that I am a meticulous planner…throwing me a whole week off course, is certain to cause some anxiety down the road. Alas…today will officially be my last day with this


per doctor’s orders. They leave me no choice but to bid farewell to this friend…(again)…let’s hope this time does the trick.

On a lighter note….and for you dahling Bekah…I applied the following to my blue linen skirt. Not bad (i don’t think) for my first attempt. I plan on embellishing my red linen with the yellow pattern in the previous post.


Since the start of 08, I’ve been trying to get my ducks in a row.  Trying to tie up this loose end, and that loose end…start this project, finish that one, and blah blah blah… it’s been life consuming.  Which I suppose is unavoidable when you make a living doing something you love…I mean, I eat sleep and breath art…(not that I’m complaining, but if I’m being honest there are some jobs that interest me, while others I could do in my sleep…sadly, the ones I can do in my sleep are often the ones that pay the bills…vicious cycle I tell you…)  Took me 4 weeks to get back over to see grandmother…(I’m not proud of that, but thankfully she’s discovered that a real hairdresser does a better job.)  Nick and I actually had to schedule a date night…and finding time to work out has been easy to forget.  Oh and taxes…my least favorite chore of the year…they’re finally done.  So I woke up on Friday…discovered that I had, indeed acquired a weekend of no major deadlines/projects, and we decided to celebrate.  A small gathering of friends came over for dinner…(don’t worry, I didn’t do the cooking…)  Jason, Nick and Dawn thoroughly enjoyed the bb gun…this picture says it all:


nice J…

While they were busy shooting pizza boxes, Bekah and I took inspiration from fabric…and believe it or not, I actually made some clothing that fit.  A skirt, and a dress…all without pattern…(patterns are not my friends anyway)


Now it’s back to the drawing board…but with a refreshed sense of creativity.

spring is here!!!!

March 20, 2008

Looked outside today and my beloved sycamore tree is showing the first bits of spring green…


I’m inspired by this tree all year long…and I swear I’ll paint it one of these days…

Which is a sign that it’s starting to consume my life…(before there is even a lick of paint on the wall…)  That’s the bittersweet thing about murals…the canvas is so large, the possibilities endless…I get totally wrapped up in the whole process….(especially when I have great clients willing to go on a creative journey with me…thanks Meghan!)…I eat, sleep, and breathe that project…and then it’s over….just like that! And with the end comes a rush of emotions…on one hand it’s great to finish…to be done done done…on the other hand, sometimes you leave feeling a bit empty…what will I do now?  when will I have an opportunity to tackle a space like that again? Anywho…maybe it’s just me…but here’s a look at the madness that will soon be taking over my life…


everything is meticulously planned…right down to the mini models…(i admit i have a little OCD)


and I’m like a ninja with an x-acto…so don’t cross me…


fabric swatches…I couldn’t resist… especially when they have a gorgeous round crib to adorn…oh the possibilities!  okay…before this project eats any more of my day…I’m going to put it to rest, and think about doing my taxes…

All material for the above project is copyright 2008 Heather L. Young

feeling loved…

March 17, 2008

This weekend truly was one of the best!  Nick and I had “date night” on Friday, and enjoyed fabulous food at a Japanese Steak House.  Believe it or not, this was Nick’s first visit to a Japanese Steakhouse…(even though he worked in a Japanese restaurant for a while…lol!  )  Anywho, we were lucky enough to have the chef all to ourselves…gorged ourselves like little piggies, and spent the rest of the night watching The Office on DVD.  My kind of night.

Saturday night marked a reunion with one of the most creative and inspiring people in my life, Dana Jo.  It had been at least two years since our last visit, and she, along with her charming roommate Mandy, were like a breath of fresh air.  They presented Cima and I with these gorgeous creations they’ve been crafting…see below…


Carved out of birch and hand-painted…I LOVE LOVE LOVE this little gem!  Apparently, they have an owl charm, and believe it or not…an entire series of vegetable pendants!  They hope to have them available for purchase online in the not-so-distant future…so I’ll keep you posted…

Cima was gracious enough to have us over for cocktails and a truly Irish inspired dinner of corned beef and cabbage.  It was great to have us all together in one room…good times indeed.

Of course, being the selfish human being that I am…I managed to wrangle Dana to my home studio…(I only get to pick her brain so often…)  No sooner did we arrive at my house, did the massive blackout occur…This being St. Pat’s weekend in Savannah and all…we decided the best thing to do was drink…and drink a lot…it took the edge off, when the tornado sirens went off…and just like the good old college days…we ended up staying up until 4am chatting it up about art, life, and more art…thanks Dana for a wonderful visit…let’s have art camp soon!

Lastly, I woke up yesterday more motivated than ever to create…after Dana and Mandy left for Athens…I threw myself together and hooked up with Bekah for some sewing time.  We decided to make skirts without patterns…(can’t be that hard right?)   Had a blast picking out fabric…and returned to Bekah’s house ready to roll…unfortunately, it just wasn’t our day to create…Bekah didn’t buy enough fabric…so we had to make an additional trip to the store…then I totally messed up the drawstring for my skirt.  Bekah’s sewer decided to come apart, and to top if off…we both made our skirts too small…lol!  fun times dahling…let’s do it again soon.

I feel soooo incredibly lucky to have such an eclectic fun loving bunch of people in my life…thanks for a great weekend.

what’s the saying?

March 14, 2008

A picture says a thousand words? is worth a thousand words…? Well, this haggard self-portrait says a lot about my current state…(don’t worry…I’m not on the verge of removing my ear…even though this angle seems to suggest that)


I woke up like this…jammed a pencil in my hair…donned one of Nick’s over-sized hoodies…and off to the races. Thankfully, Peggy has assured that at the end of each day, my achy hands have some relief.

playing with color

March 11, 2008

Here’s a sneak peak at my latest mural design.  This is just one wall…and I’ll probably only use red-orange or pink….not both…I’m sooooooo lucky to have a client that has given me total creative freedom…(trust me folks, if you keep your artist on a short leash, there’s a good chance he/she will bite…)


copyright 2008 Heather L. Young – work in progress

double trouble…

March 9, 2008

Yesterday, dear Aunt Pammy and I ventured to Fernandina Beach for a belated birthday celebration with Lee Anne.  We started our adventure at the Landings Garage Sale…where we were herded like cattle…(we weren’t too fond of this…)  but we couldn’t leave empty handed.  So Pam bought a lovely green pumpkin / gourd / soup bowl thingy for her new kitchen…and I found another silk scarf… (for my collection of silk scarves that are rarely worn, but bring sheer delight when I see them in my closet)…

As we made our way down I-95, I discovered that Aunt Pammy (always prepared to have a good time)…had some handy accessories for us…(keep reading I’ll disclose said items in due time…)

Amidst all the traffic on I-95, I pulled up behind a van of 9 or 10 young men.  One of which had his face pressed up against the rear window….something like this…


(okay I know I’m an illustrator, but I couldn’t justify spending a lot of time on this sketch)

It was clear he was looking to get a rise out of someone…so we combated with this…


to which his response was…


Good times, Aunt Pammy, good times!

Yesterday was truly one of those marathon days. I literally worked from 7am until midnight before conceding to another sleepless night…too much to do…too little time. (except for that sweet Aunt Pammy…she bought me lunch and provided a much needed break) But the hustle is paying off. Sales are up, new prints are here, more jobs coming in than I know what to do with…all good things for an artist who is certain to have a dry spell right when she wants to take a vacation…(isn’t that how things work…) anywho…the prints will be available to purchase online in the not-so-distant future…until then you may find them at Eclectibles on Broughton Street…(if you’re local)…or shoot me an email, heather@flyoungstudio.com, for more info. See below for a quickly staged photo-shoot with my new babies…(paula, I soooo wish I had your gifted eye for light…lol!


Sweet Potato Blossom copyright Heather L. Young 2008


“I’ll Take Three, Martini” copyright 2008 Heather L. Young

more to come on these soon…special thanks to all of you who have already placed your orders! It means the world to me to have such a great support group of wonderful family and friends to spread the word on my work! Cheers!