it’s been a little crazay!

March 25, 2008

Since the start of 08, I’ve been trying to get my ducks in a row.  Trying to tie up this loose end, and that loose end…start this project, finish that one, and blah blah blah… it’s been life consuming.  Which I suppose is unavoidable when you make a living doing something you love…I mean, I eat sleep and breath art…(not that I’m complaining, but if I’m being honest there are some jobs that interest me, while others I could do in my sleep…sadly, the ones I can do in my sleep are often the ones that pay the bills…vicious cycle I tell you…)  Took me 4 weeks to get back over to see grandmother…(I’m not proud of that, but thankfully she’s discovered that a real hairdresser does a better job.)  Nick and I actually had to schedule a date night…and finding time to work out has been easy to forget.  Oh and taxes…my least favorite chore of the year…they’re finally done.  So I woke up on Friday…discovered that I had, indeed acquired a weekend of no major deadlines/projects, and we decided to celebrate.  A small gathering of friends came over for dinner…(don’t worry, I didn’t do the cooking…)  Jason, Nick and Dawn thoroughly enjoyed the bb gun…this picture says it all:


nice J…

While they were busy shooting pizza boxes, Bekah and I took inspiration from fabric…and believe it or not, I actually made some clothing that fit.  A skirt, and a dress…all without pattern…(patterns are not my friends anyway)


Now it’s back to the drawing board…but with a refreshed sense of creativity.

3 Responses to “it’s been a little crazay!”

  1. rebekahusry Says:

    love it! And I want to see the head of the bird! I am thinking about making a few paisley things for mine. I don’t know….I need to play with it some more. love you dahling!

  2. rebekahusry Says:

    Oh yeah! send me a link to that wordpress page that you showed me the other night. I would really love to explore it.

    And who is that hunky man in the picture? ;-p Oh wait! That’s my hubby!

  3. lol! so I changed the bird out..(wasn’t digging the yellow on that blue…I’m going to use that one on the orange fabric…photo to follow in the next post…) hugs!

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