playing with color

March 11, 2008

Here’s a sneak peak at my latest mural design.  This is just one wall…and I’ll probably only use red-orange or pink….not both…I’m sooooooo lucky to have a client that has given me total creative freedom…(trust me folks, if you keep your artist on a short leash, there’s a good chance he/she will bite…)


copyright 2008 Heather L. Young – work in progress

double trouble…

March 9, 2008

Yesterday, dear Aunt Pammy and I ventured to Fernandina Beach for a belated birthday celebration with Lee Anne.  We started our adventure at the Landings Garage Sale…where we were herded like cattle…(we weren’t too fond of this…)  but we couldn’t leave empty handed.  So Pam bought a lovely green pumpkin / gourd / soup bowl thingy for her new kitchen…and I found another silk scarf… (for my collection of silk scarves that are rarely worn, but bring sheer delight when I see them in my closet)…

As we made our way down I-95, I discovered that Aunt Pammy (always prepared to have a good time)…had some handy accessories for us…(keep reading I’ll disclose said items in due time…)

Amidst all the traffic on I-95, I pulled up behind a van of 9 or 10 young men.  One of which had his face pressed up against the rear window….something like this…


(okay I know I’m an illustrator, but I couldn’t justify spending a lot of time on this sketch)

It was clear he was looking to get a rise out of someone…so we combated with this…


to which his response was…


Good times, Aunt Pammy, good times!

Yesterday was truly one of those marathon days. I literally worked from 7am until midnight before conceding to another sleepless night…too much to do…too little time. (except for that sweet Aunt Pammy…she bought me lunch and provided a much needed break) But the hustle is paying off. Sales are up, new prints are here, more jobs coming in than I know what to do with…all good things for an artist who is certain to have a dry spell right when she wants to take a vacation…(isn’t that how things work…) anywho…the prints will be available to purchase online in the not-so-distant future…until then you may find them at Eclectibles on Broughton Street…(if you’re local)…or shoot me an email,, for more info. See below for a quickly staged photo-shoot with my new babies…(paula, I soooo wish I had your gifted eye for light…lol!


Sweet Potato Blossom copyright Heather L. Young 2008


“I’ll Take Three, Martini” copyright 2008 Heather L. Young

more to come on these soon…special thanks to all of you who have already placed your orders! It means the world to me to have such a great support group of wonderful family and friends to spread the word on my work! Cheers!

….and missed! Went to let Ms. Vayda out yesterday…and thank you Jesus, I did not open the door. This was sunning itself on the brick step just on the other side of the glass…(at least I think that’s the specimen, as it was both black and fast, I mean really fast…oh and maybe 4 feet long…) Needless to say, I ran screaming for Nick and his handy-dandy Red Ryder…by the time he arrived it had slithered elsewhere, and just as I was insisting he hunt for said beast, the monster came out of hiding and made a run at me…I swear I’m not exaggerating…just ask Nick. Now, I fear, It has made it’s home in my yard, and what if…just tell me what if Ms. Vayda has an encounter???

the beginning…

March 3, 2008

I love mural work…especially, when I have a great client who allows some breathing room for creative freedom.  However, I’d be lying if I said mural work didn’t overwhelm me at times.  Just to get the ball rolling can be a challenge…think of all the possibilities, all the opportunities, all the uniqueness that could be played up in that space…(or wasted if I choose the wrong color, wrong subject matter, wrong placement…you get the idea)  Anyway, as I mentioned in a previous post, I’m in the very early stages of an “under the sea” mural…(stop…now think of all the animals you might see at the aquarium…and see if you could pick just a few to play up in a mural…)   so my brain has been “all over the place”  on this one…but finally got on a roll last night.  So much so, that I couldn’t sleep…



just a small taste…more to come…(sketches copyright Heather L. Young 2008)