artist statement

April 3, 2008

Seems so unnatural to try and capture my creative spirit into a “statement.”  Seems to me the “statement” should be found in one’s work…and that perhaps the “statement” should translate differently for each individual viewer…

Didn’t have much choice but to produce one…and so here it is…as best I can put into words:

As children we have such a pure sense of creativity and the world around us.  Unfortunately for most, this sense is lost along the path to adulthood.  My goal as an artist is to dissect and explore the world around me, to pay homage to the folks who have supported my dream and kept my creative spirit alive, and to inspire the youth of today to hold onto their creative instincts.

I explore a variety of mediums when it comes to art.  I love the idea of working in a traditional style of pen & ink. It’s a rhythmic process that brings me back to my roots.  Mural work provides the greatest challenge, as it is a life consuming process where the possibilities are endless.  Illustrating with Acrylic & Oil Wash allows me to study color like a science, and dissect my subject matter down to pure composition.  I thrive on learning new techniques and refuse to conform to any one method of creation.

I currently find myself inspired by time spent in the kitchen with my loved ones.  While I cannot cook to save my life, food illustration is my way of capturing some of those fun memories.

Everyday I wake up inspired to create.  I keep an open mind as to where my creative journey will take me, and I’m eternally grateful to have held onto that pure creativity from my youth. 

And there you have it.  My statement.

5 Responses to “artist statement”

  1. rebekahusry Says:

    Why did you have to write an artist statement? I had to do that for an art class a few years ago. haha

  2. I applied for an art show…it’s a rather common chore for an artist…might need your handy dandy help for the event!

  3. rebekahusry Says:

    But of course dahling! I am always here for you! =)

  4. barbara Says:

    that was beautiful! just like the artist who wrote it.

  5. Natalie Says:

    hey! I was just viewing your site and love your under the sea mural I am a bit of an artist myself and live in MS. I love to paint and have painted for alot of people and I was just wondering about how much you charge or would have charged for a mural like that..

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