in all this mess and art house madness, what has become of my pride and joy, Vayda?  She’s a spiteful one, and I’m not exactly her favorite person as of late…but we’re working on it.  She was a bit disappointed when I returned from vacation without the new coach collar I had promised…(sometimes she forgets that we rescued her from a dumpster)…however, she gave me few brownie points for a new stash of gourmet doggie treats…

(not pictured:  a starfish, 2 pies, and a martini)

She was slightly disgusted that I had presented her with such special fare.

You see, special treats require special care…and to Vayda, that means she must ration them out to various hiding spots around the house.

It’s a lot of work for a fancy treat.  Normal treats usually require 5 minutes hiding time, but a fancier treat could take up to half an hour to properly hide…often times a fancy treat is moved from location to location to ensure its safety.  Now maybe you understand that look of disgust I spoke of…

Anyway, we attempted to lift her poor neglected spirits with a trip to Petsmart yesterday.  She enjoyed a manicure and ear cleaning, and then picked out a slew of new toys.  (many of which she brought to bed with her last night…)  She was so excited to have our attention, I think I’ve paid finally paid the price for forgiveness.