your first look….

May 30, 2008

at the completed “Under the Sea” nursery for baby Zoe! We’ve come a long way from here…and this project was so much fun to work on…If the color scheme reminds you of Maddie’s Room its because Maddie’s about to be a big sister! Meghan and Bill, I can’t thank you enough for all the wonderful projects you’ve thrown my way. Best of luck with the girls!

[rockyou id=113932944]

All Artwork ©2008 Heather L. Young, FLYoung Studio

3 Responses to “your first look….”

  1. rebekahusry Says:

    pea pie precious!!

  2. mmcelroyart Says:

    that all looks absolutely amazing.. what a wonderland for a childs bedroom. i remember when i was three and obsessed with ‘the little mermaid’, my mom painted my room an sea foam green and added all kinds of little sea creatures and plants around the top border of the walls. it was awesome.

  3. megan – LOVE your work, thanks for stopping by my blog, and keep me posted on your latest endeavors 🙂

    beks – you’re a gem! hugs

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