it’s here…and it’s fabulous…

June 12, 2008

my new computer that is. The old clunker will meet its demise as soon as we get this new one fully loaded. I promise to thoroughly document our “Office Space” moment for the purpose of this blog…until then, please forgive me if I’m a little slow to post…you see, on top of all this studio rearranging, computer set up, out with the old, in the with new, I’ve had a creative epiphany…(as Dana would call it anyway)…

While I can’t divulge all the details of this little endeavor…suffice to say, I’m losing sleep over it…two days and counting…it’s a great thing to be creatively charged.

On another note…I’m spending a great portion of my time learning about all things Etsy. (If you haven’t checked out FLYoungStudio the Etsy Store be sure to click!) It’s a welcoming community to be a part of, and a great place to shop for unique finds.

Well…better get some paint time in this morning…




One Response to “it’s here…and it’s fabulous…”

  1. rebekahusry Says:

    Hooray for new toys! I can’t wait to see the new product! I think I may have some more ideas for you, but I am not sure what you already have. Love you!

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