i’m back in business…

June 20, 2008

It’s been a wild ride this week.  Monday I blew a tire on I95….Mom came to town on Tuesday…Computer desk arrived on Wednesday…(in about 2 million parts)…Yesterday the rains came, and my internet was down…and today, well today is Great-Grandmother Liz’s 90th birthday.  That’s just the short run of things, but thankfully, I’ve had some time this morning to get the studio reorganized, and haul some things up to the attic…and I’m starting to feel the creative drive return…slowly but surely.

I’ve got many a project in the works for you…but first take a look at my three little apprentices.

Lia, Maia, and Emma worked on pop art portraits yesterday.  Didn’t they do a fabulous job?

4 Responses to “i’m back in business…”

  1. Pam Says:


  2. Robin Lynne Says:

    Heather – Firstly, that’s terrible about the tire blow-out. I’ve never had a blow-out but I had 2 flats within months of each other (I changed the first myself, but thankfully a good ol’ boy stopped and helped me with the other.)

    And those pop art portraits are great! It makes me want to do one of my sister and I for my mom, for her birthday. hmmm.

    & also, thanks for commenting on my blog! I wasn’t sure if you’d check back there for the answer to your question, so I thought I’d reply here.

    Anywho, the bird earrings are $11.50 (shipping included, since I’m all over the place.) If you want a pair, just let me know which ones (they’re all different!) and you can paypal it directly to me or I can make a listing on Etsy for ya, if you prefer.

    Robin Lynne

  3. rebekahusry Says:

    Aww! I love my Medley girls!! They were all wearing matching cheerleading outfits when I went over on Friday. They were all so proud of their artwork. =0)
    Love it!

  4. […] 7, 2008 Had my Thursday morning art lesson with a few extra apprentices today.  Joining the girls, were Raymond (an almost eighth grader) and Willy…(who will be entering 6th grade this […]

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