Seems my Mother was neglected when I put together the Foodie Prints…most of the illustrated recipes were chosen because they were aesthetically pleasing to draw, and well…Mom’s lasagna…(tasty though it may be)…would just look like slop in paint.  Her unbeatable cinnamon toast is good enough to make you slap your own momma, but again…just not pretty in paint.  Anywho…Mom’s been in town visiting this week, and we got to thinking about all this, and most references to Mom in my work have been rather subtle.  For years we have traded “flying things”…she thinks of me when she sees dragonflies, and I think of her when I see hummingbirds.  (A little insight into some symbolism in my work)…Here’s a detail from a painting completed a few years back…

©Heather L. Young 2008

This visit with Mom was especially wonderful because we got to celebrate the 90th birthday of our family Matriarch, my Great-Grandmother Liz.  Last night, 4 generations of gals sat on Grandmother’s bed and looked at old embroidery, family photos, and the like.  I’ve been so blessed to have spent my whole life surrounded by remarkable women…and I’ll cherish the memories from last night forever.

ps. love you Mom!