there’s just something about green…

June 30, 2008

it’s magnetic!  The same day I posted the previous entry…Nick came home with this…

I almost fell out of my chair when I saw it…after all…Aunt Pammy has been on the hunt for a breadbox FOREVER!  Go figure, Nick (of all people) would be the one to find this little gem.   The only problem is that he happens to be rather attached to this great find…and not just because it came loaded with explosives…

So Pam, if it suits you…and your fabulously remodeled kitchen…you’ll have to stage a heist.  It couldn’t hurt to leave some baked goods in it’s place…I believe he likes chocolate iced vanilla cakes, and your delightful brownies never disappoint.

2 Responses to “there’s just something about green…”

  1. Bekah Says:

    haha! We can’t wait to play with fireworks on Friday!

  2. girl…we are going to have some serious fun! I put fireworks rhinestones on my toes last night…lol! what do you wanna drink that night?

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