more than i expected…

July 12, 2008

to chop off that is…but it was a heck of a lot of fun and hopefully someone here will benefit from my long locks! I must say…no better scissors to do the trick than those of the Hair Princess! (Trust me folks, I’ve been going to her for 7 years, and never have I walked away with a bad cut or color) So here’s a 10 minute sketch of my new bed head this morning…still sassy!

Thanks Renata and Bekah for a supremely fun Friend-a-versary! Oh and for the complete run-down on our day, be sure to visit Bekah’s Blog…(real pics over there!)

p.s. It was great to see you again too Charla!


One more thing….

H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y Little Brosef of Mine! Love you and hope you have a super-fantastic day!

Can’t wait to see you at graduation!

6 Responses to “more than i expected…”

  1. Aunt Jess Says:

    Heather, I left you a message on Bekah’s site. Little Alan, Jr., Happy Birthday!!! I sent a little something, but a little late..sorry 😦 You share your special day with Olympic Gold Medalist Kristi Yamaguchi and our dog, Molly.
    We love you both!!
    10 minute sketch?? You’re awesome Heather!!

  2. Thanks Aunt Jess…hope you’re having a great weekend! great talking to you this week btw…hugs~

  3. savannahbest Says:

    Very sassy do indeed! Love it!

  4. Charla Says:

    It was great to see you again, too; your haircuts turned out very cute! Renata is a master of her craft, hehe. Your Etsy shop is awesome, I really love the foodie prints!! I’ll be linking you to my newly-established blog!!

  5. thanks charla! can’t wait to see your blog come to life 🙂 ps…i’m thinking maybe etsy needs a Savannah Street Team… would you be interested?

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