back to lists…

July 30, 2008

I couldn’t sleep last night.  Too many pirate dreams…which as you may recall, is a good sign I’m on the right path.  Today will be the first day I get my hands on the wall space.  Nothing major, just a good cleaning and some rough sketches, until my paint comes in.  None the less, my brain is in overdrive and to kill off some of this energy, I’ve spent my morning making detailed lists. So far I have these:

Things to bring

Places to go prior to the mural site

List of reference material

I’m sure there will be a condensed list after I check off a few things…and yes, I’m aware that this behavior is a bit odd…but there is just something comforting about a trusty list.  (Try it sometime)

Anywho…for your greenery of the day, I present to you, 35 paper pickles…

don’t ask why…

5 Responses to “back to lists…”

  1. rebekahusry Says:

    I bet I know why!! =p

  2. lol! shhhhhh…only a select few are privy to that info…lol!

  3. Robin Lynne Says:

    I had to make myself a list this morning too! It’s been the busiest day ever ever ever today. And it’s only half over. Ahhhh.

    Those pickles are cute.. for whatever dubious occasion they’ll be forced to partake in. (I just get this feeling it’s dubious. And I like the word dubious..)

    I got a message from verijeri on Etsy this morning about a SAV/Coastal etsy team – did she message you too/yet? If so/not, I told her I’d send the few Savannah Etsy gals I knew her way… so go her way if she hasn’t come yours.

    …Lord have mercy.

  4. yes, those pickles do have a purpose…to be disclosed shortly, and in great fun, I promise!

    How great that someone is taking the initiative with the Sav Etsy team…I’ll be sure to contact her, I’m anxious to get involved, but don’t have much time to spare now…some days I feel like I’m running in one of those hamster wheel things…loL!

  5. […] late post…but Alan’s graduation was one we won’t soon forget.  You may remember my pickle post.  Well, those 35 paper pickles were put to good […]

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