so many things…

August 8, 2008

happening in the studio right now!  For starters, did you happen to notice the new flikr box on the right?  Well, thanks to a little inspiration from this chickie, I finally got it up and running…I hope to post more shortly, so be sure to check it out once in a while…

In other news, the Pirate’s House mural is coming right along…I think I’ll boycott painting faux wood for a while after this…but now that the bulk of that is taken care of, I can start on the fun things…like pirates and parrots…here’s the latest photo…

©2008 Heather L. Young

On a final note, I have to thank Nick for being so helpful as of late.  When I’m heavily in the mix of creative ventures, I tend to be a little neglectful of things around the house…Nick’s made me dinner the past two nights and cleaned the house so we can have Bek and J over tonight…but best of all…he took it up himself to supply me with a my new best friend…check this out…

this little gem makes toting all my mural supplies that much easier…it also comes loaded with a lazy susan…and comes apart for easy lifting…

the only problem is that “Stanley” on the front…I think it should say “Heather”…not that Stanley is a bad name…it’s just not my name…so in due time, that will be remedied…

ps…for all you crafty lovin’ Savannah folk…be sure to check out tomorrow’s Farmer’s MarketRobin Lynne will have a table there, and you won’t want to miss it!


4 Responses to “so many things…”

  1. Alyce Says:

    what a great and functional gift…gotta luv Stanley 😉

  2. Robin Lynne Says:

    Aww, Stanley’s cute! I actually just packed up one of our suitcases full of stuff for tomorrow’s market. Since I’ve started the soap thing, it’s become a lot more heavy/bountiful!

    The wall’s looking good! I was just telling Joe that “the girl I sold the bird earrings to, the painter” (he doesn’t remember names all that well) was working on a mural for the Pirate’s House.

    You know, there’s probably a high demand out there for faux-wood painters ;P

  3. Thanks gals…I’m off to the pirate’s house again today…might swing by the farmer’s market for an official meet and greet Robin…hope you get mucho sales!

  4. […] 2, 2008 As some of you are aware…there’s a whole other side to the Pirate’s House mural.  I’ve held off on painting that side for two […]

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