1st ACEO’s…2nd Treasury…

August 11, 2008

Had an all around great weekend…on Saturday, I finally had a chance to check out the Starland Farmer’s Market, and meet Robin Lynne, who happened to have a nice selection of work there.  I purchased my first ever ACEO’s from her, and I love them love them love them!  I can’t wait to get them matted and framed…

I also had a few minutes to work on the Pirate’s House mural…

©2008 Heather L.  Young

Lastly, I woke up this morning to an etsy convo from Ms. Milemarker herself…she noticed that someone else used Lee Lee’s Sweet Tea in a Treasury, and was so kind as to make me aware of it…so far as I know, this is only my second treasury on etsy…be sure to check it out!

and now it’s time to get the heck out of here, and go paint!  Hope you all have a lovely Monday, and thanks for reading 🙂

6 Responses to “1st ACEO’s…2nd Treasury…”

  1. Robin Lynne Says:

    Aw! Look at my little babies 🙂

    Also, I just got an Etsy convo from a girl (about something completely unrelated to this) but she’s the person I most associate with ACEO mats, anyway, her shop is http://smile4katie.etsy.com if you want to have a look there.

    Anddd, congrat’s on the treasury! Even more awesome that your painting is right next to Dolly Parton, hahaha. Have fun in the paint! (or -with- the paint)

  2. Vickie Beyer Says:

    What fun ACEOs! I esp. love the one that says “Eat.” Story of my life.

  3. Robin…thanks a million for the prints and referring the etsy store…I can’t wait to get them framed…and yes, being placed next to Dolly is the bees knees!

    Vickie…EAT is my fav too…my grandma just sent some photos of my about 10 years ago…I think it’s the truth when they say you gain 10lbs for every decade…lol!

  4. So, crazy thing. I think we were at the same place this past Saturday. My sisters and I also went to the market…and one of my sisters bought some stuff from Robin. Robin had some gorgeous bird earrings that I really wanted to buy…but maybe next time!

  5. Hi Brittany! Thanks for stopping back by!…and it gets a little crazier…I personally own a pair of her free bird earrings…and they are AWESOME! I always get compliments on them when I’m out and about.

  6. rebekahusry Says:

    It is looking awesome! J wants to know if your pirate was inspired by George Carlin.

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