Bon Voyage!

September 13, 2008

Ok…so I promise to get back to art in a few days…(that left eye is still a bit of a jerk)…but in the mean time, I’d like to wish my baby broseph and Marc (who is practically another baby broseph) a safe but adventurous journey to Costa Rica.  I’m so grateful they took the time to visit me on my birthday, when they’re just about to leave the country for three months.  I couldn’t resist this little Kate Thurman AKA Microwave Girl card at Shop SCAD the other day…

I hope you boys surf the best waves ever, love life, and live it up while you’re down there.  Many hugs, and thanks again for stopping by…

That’s Alan on the left, and Marc on the right…to see a few other b-day photos stop by my flickr page

5 Responses to “Bon Voyage!”

  1. mom Says:

    alan, do you ever make a straight face when having a picture taken? i love you guys,

  2. he’s always making some silly face…it’s his trademark i think…lol

  3. Dad Says:

    Hey Babe,

    Glad you all had a great time for your Birthday! The guys enjoyed the trip. AJ really needs to just chill around the camera. I guess he has a great time and has fun with it. One day he will look back and say OMG. Kinda like your hair at graduation!!!! HA

    Love You


  4. Tell him if he goes anywhere near Ciudad Colon that I have a family of two crazy latina women that he absolutely must meet. So quintessentially Costa Rican!

  5. oh he would love that! Last I heard they were headed down to Pavones, then to Panama for a few days…I soooo wish I was there with him…(although I’d need to stay somewhere with warm running water…lol)

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