I’ve been a cookin’

September 17, 2008

(well, not really…we all know that’s dangerous)…but I have whipped up some seriously delicious new prints for your modern gal’s kitchen.  “Green Things” can be mixed and matched to your heart’s content!  These charming 6×6 canvas prints can go it alone, or in a group of 3, or 9, or all 19!  Whatever suits your fancy or your wall space.  Each one is hand-signed with love by yours truly, and is named on the back.  The perfect gift for your foodie friends!  For the full line up, skip on over to The Produce Stand.

and remember…Mama always said to “Eat Your Greens”

5 Responses to “I’ve been a cookin’”

  1. Some of these are definately going in the kitchen in my new house (once I figure out what color to paint it). Once I get moved we’ll have to discuss that trade…

  2. I would be honored to have them on a fellow artist’s wall! Good luck with that house…do you have your eye on one?

  3. rebekahusry Says:

    It looks awesome!! I love how my sweetpeas are front and center! =)

  4. Oooh – I can just picture these out at the Saturday farmer’s market. Or at the next Trustee’s Market. If you’re there I will find you.


  5. thanks Summer! I plan on getting to a show in the not-so-distant future…hope ya’ll are doing well over there at the creative coast!

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