working on arthritis…

October 16, 2008

…and loving every minute of it!  Here’s a completed ink…(you saw the proof a few days back)…turned out quite nicely I think.  I dropped off another ink today, and sent one over to Turtle Creek to have printed on notes.  Ah, I love the onset of Christmas madness!

Savannah Home, ©2008 Heather L. Young

P.S. it’s not too late to commission your Christmas ink!  Call me today 912-308-3018

3 Responses to “working on arthritis…”

  1. bobbywashere Says:

    Wow this is fantastic, very tight (technical very good). I must admit I do love pen and ink drawings due to the contrast in marks and the amount of detail that can be incorporated into the final render. My stuff is a lot looser but it’s good to see the technique executed to the highest order 🙂


  2. Robin Lynne Says:

    Very nice!
    Also a good excuse for Joe and I to get a house, ha!

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  3. mom Says:

    don’t forget to advertise the dog portraits and christmas cards.
    love you sweetie! nice work!

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