finally a Friday…

November 21, 2008

where things seem to come together!  I’m excited about this in part, because my brain never really “turns off of art.”  Especially considering I have a studio at home.  I pretty much eat, sleep, and breath it.  Once in a blue moon, all the loose ends come together on a Friday, such as today, and I feel as though I have had a “normal” work week.  One followed by a weekend of enjoyment rather than brow-beating work.  So cheers to Friday!  Hope you all have a lovely weekend…and don’t be surprised if I choose not to blog or answer my phone this weekend, I may just savor the break.

Oh and on another totally un-art related note…check out this stick bug I found the other day…turns out they make great pets.  Although, I’m not fond of that idea.


5 Responses to “finally a Friday…”

  1. Robin Lynne Says:

    oh. no. you. didn’t! I’d be screaming and flailing and making an awful scene if one of those was within 10 feet of me. I am terrified of bugs/insects/creepy crawlies.

    Moving on… hooray for you and a nice long work-week topped off with a good’n’calm weekend! I’ve got a busy day today.. and probably a weekend full of ‘work’ too – if I want to get caught up for Wednesday’s market. Ahhh. (I like to be busy as much as possible, though.)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Have a great, relaxing weekend!

  3. Aunt Jess Says:

    Stick bugs are cool!

  4. thanks ladies…yes, usually i’m bored to tears without some sort of project, but I’m enjoying this weekend as if it’s the calm before the storm…hoping those Christmas commissions start rolling in soon!


  5. mom Says:

    that’s really cool!

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