We need your vote!

December 22, 2008

A few years back, Nick and I had a pumpkin carving contest.  These were pre-blog days, and the judging was far from anonymous.  We simply emailed all our family and friends and asked them to cast a vote.  I suffered a bitter defeat that Halloween, and it has haunted me ever since.  So when Nick challenged me to a gingerbread house competition, how could I resist?

Here’s how it works…Take a look at the photos below…(in an effort to be fair, we won’t tell you whose is whose)…note that one house has blue windows while the other has yellow.  Then, cast your totally anonymous vote below for your favorite.  The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve. 






Now…cast your vote!

P.S.  Please note that clicking on “View Results” won’t show  you any results.  Winner to be announced on Christmas Eve!

9 Responses to “We need your vote!”

  1. Pam Says:

    Great job!! Hope everything is going well in the Dina..

  2. Dad Says:

    The contest was fun to watch. I will look forward to finding out who wins! Good luck to both of you!
    Merry Christmas!!
    Dad aka Big Al

  3. Robin Lynne Says:

    They’re both so cute! I voted 😀

    Hope you and yours have a super fantastically awesome Christmas!

  4. mom Says:

    tough call! they are both cute. i like the blue because it is more colorful. i like the yellow because of the wreath.
    love you guys!

  5. Aunt Jess Says:

    After last year’s cookie debacle (remember Jasmine’s fabulous blue cookies and Heather’s …..cookies), well I’d have to say I can pick Heather’s house out….so I voted for the other one. What does the winner get??

  6. val Says:

    GO YELLOW!! Yellow’s roof is so much better than blues. BOO BLUE

  7. rebekahusry Says:

    lol Val…I noticed that too! I love the Yellow roof!! And it is pretty obvious whose is whose lol You both did a great job though. Love you bunches!

  8. Thanks for all the votes! I must say, it is a tight race so far. Oh and as for the prize…GLORY! And we might just blow up the losing house…

  9. thanks for all the votes everyone! It was mucho fun 🙂

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