today a high of 69 degrees…

January 2, 2009

Prior to my trip, I had purchased two skeins of yarn and a jumbo sized crochet hook.  The initial results were discouraging to say the least…out of practice, I suppose…and a little uninspired.  That is until Christmas day, when Reima presented me with a gloriously crocheted scarf of interesting pattern. (thanks Rei)


Delighted with my new gem, I was determined to replicate the intricate design.  You all know, I can’t follow a pattern to save my life, but after careful dissection, and hours of finger whittling work, I reign victorious!


Sadly, my yarn hails from a thicker variety, which may only be appropriate for two days out of the year in south Georgia.

6 Responses to “today a high of 69 degrees…”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I love the bright green!

  2. So pretty Heather:) And congrats on finishing such project so soon. I tend to have a bunch of stuff in the works for years at a time:)

  3. Yes, it is gorgeous – love the color!

  4. Thanks gals…don’t all artistas need a little crafty fun time once in a while?

  5. rebekah Says:

    Oh H! Those are beautiful! I really want one! Make one for me pretty please!

  6. Robin Lynne Says:

    That green is faaabulous! Good job 😀
    I am not knitting/crocheting inclined at ALL. I can embroider a meeean tea cozy though..

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