January 21, 2009

or character design?  Perhaps mindless drawing may be the most natural way to achieve  doodle evolution…I’m not quite sure, but I’ve enjoyed two full days of it….ahh January bliss!


just the tip of the iceberg…

copyright Heather L. Young 2009

7 Responses to “doodle?”

  1. Love the tall bat-thingie…
    You’ve got such a fun imagination.

  2. Aunt Jess Says:

    I like the Judy Jetson Cyclops thing on the left

  3. thanks gals…i’ve been totally devoted to monsters as of late…not sure where this will take me…but it sure has been fun!

  4. Jason N Says:

    Love them, I’m reminded of some of the illustration in classic children’s books. One artist in particular comes to mind, however the name escapes me at the moment.

  5. Thanks for stopping by Jason!

  6. Jason N Says:

    Found it! Thank you search function in Google Reader…

    Originally read via BoingBoing:

    The link to the scanned book, The Day the Cow Sneezed by Jim Flora:

    Hope you enjoy seeing the book if you’ve not seen it before.

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