February 5, 2009


New works, old favorites, and much more to come! It’s time to get back to my roots, and paint the things that inspire me.   I have several more paintings to list, and a whole new series in the works!  The best part?  Since I’ve eliminated the middle-man and acquired my own printer, I can give you better prices than ever before!  I’m just getting started here, so be sure to check back…in the meantime, take a quick look at the new shop.…I’d love to here your questions, comments or suggestions!



3 Responses to “***NEW***”

  1. I keep thinking I should open a second shop so my stuff will be a little more organized. Are you finding that works best for you?

  2. AJ Says:

    hey, congrats on your new shop! You continue to amaze me, Heather! Such a broad range! Continued good luck!

  3. Vickie – I set up the separate shop since the styles of work vary so much…I’m liking it so far…maybe you could do one for just photography?

    AJ – thanks so much for the support…I’ll do just about anything to never work a “real job” again…lol!

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