you decide…

March 3, 2009



12″x12″ Acrylic & Oil Wash on Patterned Paper

©2009 Heather L. Young

Ok…so we’ve been talking about adding pet portraits to etsy…some how some way.  I already have three etsy stores, so the question is…do I add the pet portraits to the shop?  I originally intended for that shop to be a “hodge-podge” shop for my items that don’t fall into any one particular catagory… Or do they deserve a shop unto themselves?  I’m not sure…so please vote and help me decide.  Many thanks!  I truly appreciate the following this blog has collected…I’ll look forward to your expertise!

7 Responses to “you decide…”

  1. mira Says:

    Hi, Just found your site. You are multi-talented! I voted the pet portraits should go with your other paintings. I used the rationale that pets are people too!

    Have a terrific Tuesday.


  2. mira Says:

    Now that you mention it, they really are. BTW, thanks for the comment over at molten mira!

  3. savannahbest Says:

    Oh, your pet portraits are soooo lovely! They definintely should have their own place where they reign supreme. Pets are supreme, after all!

  4. mom Says:

    hi baby girl,
    i voted to mix them with the others but i’m really torn. perhaps you could do both? i’m not sure.
    love you!

  5. Tough decision. I’ve recently been trying to figure out how to seperate my items into different shops, too. I wish you could do it all from one e-mail address – that would make it so much easier.

    If you are talking about just adding one listing for a custom pet portrait, I’d lump it in with your exisiting shop. If you are going to list prints of the ones you have already done and it is going to get ‘messy’ within your other shop, maybe seperate is the way to go. Again, I wish we could reorder the items in our shops to keep them more organized, but you’ve got to work with what you’ve got.

    I’ve been meaning to ask how all the different shops working for you? Do you like it all seperate? Am I spelling seperate correctly?

  6. well girls..i think i’m going to have to do both…add a few custom listings to heatherlyoung shop and open up one that showcases all of them…

    Victoria – I have all of my emails accts downloaded into microsoft outlook…and then forwarded to my aol…so that no matter what email I’m checking, theoretically i should get all of them without having to check them individually.

    I think it makes for a cleaner shop to have consistent items…but that’s one more shop address i have to market…so a little annoying. I’m always torn as to whether I should “route” traffic to my main site and then get them to each of the individual stores, or market them separately…(ps..I don’t know how to spell that

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