so many things!

March 10, 2009

My brain is pure mush.  The onset of Spring, brings the tourists back full force, and  Nick and I will be setting up this weekend at the Savannah Market Bazaar. I’m excited to test the waters there again, but golly gee, these shows are a lot of work.  I’m currently printing, labeling, mounting, and bagging prints like mad.  (please dear printer do not run out of ink)   I have boxes and boxes of cards to package and tie little black bows around…table clothes need ironing and so many little details I’ve yet to account for.  It’s madness I tell you!  Some other fabulous artistas to look for this weekend…jewelry maven and roller derby queen, Kelly, and the multi-talented, always delightful Robin Lynne! Hope to see you there!


3 Responses to “so many things!”

  1. Take a picture of your booth – I’m curious to see what it looks like all set up 🙂

  2. mom Says:

    good luck sweetie and have fun!
    love you!

  3. Robin Lynne Says:

    I’m debating over whether or not to drag out the tent. It’s so heavy/clunky/ridiculous.

    I do know, though, that whenever I do drag it out – I’m sticking a “Buy this tent for $100” sign on it and hoping for the best 🙂 Then I’ll get one that’s more lightweight/easier to put up.

    And thanks for mentioning me in your blog – See ya Saturday! 🙂

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