where did the sun go?

March 15, 2009

This is south Georgia?  We spent yesterday freezing at the Savannah Market Bazaar. Not the best turn out for the event, but it’s always great to mingle with other artists, and see old friends.  I sold my very last Fresh Carrot yesterday to a lovely couple, and Cherry Babies, the only one ever printed in the Rockstar Red series, went home with a young girl about the age of 10.  She pondered over the purchase, and I’m sure spent some time negotiating with her mom over just why she needed a Foodie Print…but it’s so inspiring to see a youth interested  in art, and not some video game…the highlight of my day, no doubt!  In general, the Foodie Prints have been feeling the love as of late…if you’d like to get your hands on one, you better click-click-buy!  There’s only 3 Rockstar Reds left!

Returned home to find my little Sublime featured in this lovely treasury…now I’m really longing for a sunny beach, 83 degrees, and a margarita..


Find out more about the items featured above…CLICK!

4 Responses to “where did the sun go?”

  1. Aunt Jess Says:

    Hey! I notice you call your Lime “Sublime”….I do not recall getting credit for MY submission of the name “Sublime”….(see a really old post). So seriously…did you get the winning lime name from moi???

  2. oh yes…the credit is all yours Aunt Jess…lol!

  3. Robin Lynne Says:

    That’s a whole lotta lime! One of my favorite colors too 🙂

    And it was good seeing ya at the market.. maybe the next few will be warmer (which will probably end up being too hot and involve sunscreen and renegade tents.. 😛 )

  4. AJ Says:

    The sun will come out, I promise….we are all smiling here, in Ontario, because the first signs of spring are arriving….we want to say spring IS here but are a little tentative. Several snow dumps around the corner for sure but the snow won’t stay long and that’s a grand feeling!!! The neighbourhood birds are back on their regular tree branches and I can see teeny weeny little buds on my forsythia bush…hurray!!!! glad you had a good day at the market!!!

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