rain + more rain = pretty rainbows

August 4, 2009

For those of you who aren’t local to Savannah, we’ve been having some heavy rains as of late.  Quite frankly, there is no prettier city after a good rain than Savannah, Georgia.  Biased?  Perhaps, but I have lived in many states, and this one place, just seems to take the cake.  The moss draped trees, and resurrection fern, the hazy mist that just hovers over our parks and squares, and the lush green that flourishes after.  The other day, after a  fierce storm (we lost power for about 10 hours, and had many downed limbs)..not particularly fun, but as the events of the day began to snowball, we stepped out and found this…just what I needed to see, at that very moment.  A full arch rainbow, the true beauty of which cannot be captured in my crummy photograph…but I needed this.


Speaking of rainbows, I know no bigger fan of them, than the talented  Robin Lynne. Did you all see she was a featured etsy seller?!?!?! Super congrats Robin, I can only imagine how good your house smells after baking soap like a madwoman for the past week!

2 Responses to “rain + more rain = pretty rainbows”

  1. Robin Lynne Says:

    I do love a good rainbow. Or any rainbow, actually 🙂

    So pretty! I kept hoping we’d see one down here after all this rain, but it wasn’t so.

    Sorry your power was out too. 10 hours? yikes! We haven’t had that happen here (yet, thankfully) except for one freak outage for like 5 minutes. And it did smell pretty nice around here, but now all the soap’s gone (yay!) I’m gonna be making tons more over the next few weeks, and hopefully doing a market in Savannah sometime soon.

    And I love your rainbow picture! 🙂 I’ve never been able to take any good ones of rainbows either. and thanks for the congratulations! It was nuts, but fun nuts 🙂

  2. mom Says:

    and you tell your mother about such a storm?

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